Firsty, if there is anything you are unsure about please do feel free to contact us. You are more than welcome to come along to our studio for a free 20-30 minute consultation or to have a listen to our vast array of previously recorded material. If you are a new or first-time client just mention that you would like a consultation and we can incorporate this into your studio time - please allow an extra half an hour for this at no extra charge. We'll even make you a nice cup of tea.

At AMS, we specialise in creating your music to your needs. Whether you're a singer looking for a new sound or a songwriter who wants to demo your songs, we have the ability to turn your ideas into professional quality CD masters.

"I can sing you the tune, would that be enough?"

Perfect. That's all we need.

"I've written half a song but am not sure how to finish it. Can I get help with the songwriting?"

That's part of what we're here for.

"I'm a singer but I don't have any original material to sing."

Not to worry. You can let us know in advance a song that you would like to cover, or choose from a vast catalogue of original unreleased material or get us to write one for you in whatever style you require at no extra charge.

"Who plays the instruments?"

If you play then brilliant, but as AMS is a MIDI-based digital studio, in essence, what this means for you is that we won't be needing a multitude of musicians to produce your music because everything you will need will be played and programmed by our producer using sounds generated from the very latest in computer software. From solo cello to solo metal guitar, from lounge jazz to pumping drum and bass, we have it all and everything in between. In addition to the virtual instruments, our producer is also a pianist, session trumpet player, beatboxer and vocalist and these services are also at your disposal at no extra charge.

"How long will it take?"

This depends on a number of factors, such as how complete the song is before we try to record it, how well rehearsed, and also how much you want to do to it. Having said that, it is highly probable an entire song can be created from start to finish in one session. If you let us know in advance how much time you would like to book then we can easily work around this.

"I have an album's worth of material. Can we do this?"

Yes. :)

"Where are you located?"

We are in Bow Street, just three miles out of Aberystwyth. There are ample buses to us or unrestricted parking on the street outside. Cabs to Bow Street are under £10 from Aberystwyth.