Welcome to ams.wales

Recently relocated from London, AMS have years of experience in creating, producing and recording music of all genres and types. We have clients in world music, dance music, hip-hop, pop, folk, and alternative scenes, but most of our work consists of creating tracks for singers and songwriters who are just starting out in the industry and haven't yet found their unique sound. We find it very rewarding helping people to find their style, even if they're not quite sure what their style is yet.

AMS not only specialise in professional recordings, but can also assist you in songwriting, basic demos, or can help you record a great cover version of your favourite song - even if you've never sung before.

Or perhaps you need music for a project, short film, advert or feature? We can do that too. We will work closely with you to create an original, unique and tailored soundtrack of top quality, broadcast-standard audio and at an affordable rate.

There are absolutely no hidden fees at AMS. We do not require a deposit or for you to sign any kind of contract. We do not charge an additional fee for you to take your music home on CD or mp3.

We can also offer competetive rates on whole album deals of up to 12 tracks.